Heart 3-5

Through a new out-of-school-time tutoring initiative with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Heart Math Tutoring has the opportunity to offer “Heart 3-5”, an afterschool, small group tutoring program focused on math in grades 3-5.  Heart 3-5 is different from but highly complementary to HMT’s core model, which delivers 1:1 tutoring during the school day focused on K-2 standards. Both programs serve to further HMT’s mission of ensuring all students develop the strong foundation in math and enthusiasm for academics needed for long-term success. 


Our Team

Heart 3-5 utilizes paid tutors who are trained in relationship-building, progress monitoring, and Grades 3-5 Math content to provide small group instruction for students 3 hours per week for 28 weeks.  Tutors individualize instruction and create a supportive environment to ensure students build the mathematical understanding, skills, and confidence needed to be prepared for middle school math and long-term success.

Heart 3-5 Staff

Jordan Porfilio, Director of Out of School Time Tutoring, leads Heart 3-5 programming including managing school partnerships, hiring and teambuilding, and curriculum design. 

Melissa Lefko, Heart 3-5 Operations Manager, supports the OST Director with program logistics, technology/IT, attendance and performance tracking, and collaboration with the CMS OSTT program.

Kiana Johnson, Heart 3-5 Coordinator, implements the program on site, oversees student growth in math skills and academic enthusiasm, manages the part-time tutors, and collaborates with school staff and teachers to develop effective instruction.

**We are hiring! If you are interested in becoming a Part-Time Tutor with Heart 3-5 for the 2023/24 school year, apply here


Our Curriculum

The mission of Heart 3-5 is to ensure third, fourth, and fifth grade students build understanding, skills, and confidence needed to perform at or above grade level in math during elementary school as well as be prepared for middle school math and long-term success.

Heart 3-5 blends best practices of Saga Education, a Tier I ESSA evidence-based high school math tutoring program, with two evidenced-based Grades 3-5 Math curriculums – Bridges Intervention and enVision. Bridges Intervention supports students in Grades 3-5 in building understanding and fluency in Multiplication and Division of Multi-Digit Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals. Through enVisions resources, students will apply the learning to grade-level content on pace with their classroom teachers.

Students’ progress is monitored regularly, and quarterly progress reports are sent home. 


Our Schools

Heart Math Tutoring is committed to continuing to grow the impact and scale of its core model (K-2 standards, in-school) within Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. The addition of the Heart 3-5 program creates a pipeline of support, from foundational skills to Grades 3-5 Math standards, to better ensure students perform at or above grade level in math. In the 2023-24 school year, Heart 3-5 will continue to partner with Renaissance West STEAM Academy. 


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