About Volunteering

Heart Tutoring provides a fun way to build relationships with students while delivering academic skills crucial to their success. Anyone who can commit one volunteer hour per week can make an impact.

We would love for you to join us in the upcoming 2021/22 school year! Please indicate your interest below, and a Heart staff member will be in touch with you this summer. Thank you for your interest in Heart Tutoring!


Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering with Heart

How will Heart Tutoring’s program format change in response to COVID-19?

There are some uncertainties with what the upcoming school year will look like in response to COVID-19. However, we hope the majority of tutoring will take place in-person at elementary schools across Charlotte, North Carolina, while tutoring at select school sites will be fully virtual. You can indicate your preferred tutoring setting (in-person, virtual, or no preference) in the sign-up form below and we will be in touch as we have more information.  We developed fun and impactful modifications for a virtual model and successfully implemented a fully virtual tutoring program in the 2020/21 school year. Read about our two pilot programs here and here.

How is Heart Tutoring protecting students and tutors in the virtual environment?

Heart Tutoring is committed to ensuring the highest standard of safeguarding to protect students, tutors, and staff in the virtual environment. This includes using a secure technology platform, screening tutors, and providing ample tutor training. We anticipate that virtual tutoring for the 2021/22 academic year will take place with in-person Heart Program Coordinators logging students into sessions from schools, with a remote Heart Program Coordinator overseeing sessions and troubleshooting any issues experienced by remote volunteer tutors.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone who wants to help children increase their confidence and knowledge in math is encouraged to become a tutor – no math or teaching experience required! Heart tutors come from a variety of backgrounds, from college students, to professionals working full-time, to retirees. The requirements to volunteer are: must be a U.S. resident, 18 years or older, cannot be a current high school student (in accordance with school district policies), pass a background check, and must be able to commit to tutoring for at least thirty minutes or one hour per week.

When do you need tutors?

Generally speaking, tutoring sessions are held Monday – Thursday during the school day from the beginning of October to the end of April. You can indicate the general time frames you are available in the sign-up form below and we will place you once we confirm times with our partner schools this summer.

Do you accept volunteers year-round?

Yes, we appreciate volunteer sign-ups throughout the school year! Ideally, volunteers begin tutoring in early October and continue through late April in order to provide students with as much time in the program as possible. However, when a volunteer signs up later in the school year, we are normally able to add students to the program. Many students need extra help in math, and every time a volunteer signs up, an additional student can be tutored.

It's already the middle of the semester - can I still volunteer?

Yes! Heart Tutoring enrolls students on a rolling basis. You can get started anytime between October and March. You do not need to wait until the beginning of the next semester.

Math is not a strong subject for me. Would I still enjoy Heart and be an effective tutor?

Yes! No math, teaching, or tutoring experience is required. You will be following an easy, fun curriculum that features hands-on activities and math games. The lessons involve cubes, playing cards, number shapes, and other manipulatives that allow students to internalize patterns and have fun with the numbers. Heart is designed to strengthen foundational number sense at the elementary level, which ranges from counting, to addition/subtraction of whole numbers, to single-digit multiplication. That 98% of students to date have demonstrated significant growth in math is evidence that the curriculum is easy to follow and anyone can be an effective tutor through this program.

Do I have to come up with activities or bring materials for the tutoring sessions?

No, a significant focus of Heart has been making tutoring easy and accessible for community volunteers. Heart provides all the activities, materials, and training for its tutors, laying down most of the groundwork so tutors can focus their energy on tutoring.

How am I trained?

Volunteers commit to weekly tutoring sessions from the beginning of October to the end of April. The first of those weekly sessions is an hour-long orientation, either in-person or virtual depending on your tutoring format. During this training, Heart introduces volunteers to the curriculum and session logistics, equips volunteers with a beginning knowledge of the broader context of student and school need, and for virtual tutors, a walk-through of the technology used during tutoring sessions. Thereafter, volunteers receive email communication between sessions, support during tutoring sessions, and optional training workshops. Additional resources will be provided for virtual tutors to familiarize themselves with the technology used during virtual tutoring sessions.

Will my schedule stay the same throughout the year?

As in past years, Heart Tutoring will make every effort to arrange consistent tutoring times with schools so that when you commit to a tutoring time, you can count on your ability to participate in tutoring at that time/day throughout the school year.

Do I see the same student(s) every week?

Yes! The relationship you will build by supporting the same student(s) each week has a tremendous positive impact, and you and your student(s) will enjoy working together to accomplish math goals throughout the year. Each tutoring session is 30 minutes, so most volunteers tutor two students back-to-back for 30 minutes each.

What if I'm having trouble completing the background check?

CMS requires all volunteers to complete a background check at before working with students, so thank you in advance for your part in keeping students safe! Please see the attached document with support for the most common issues volunteers have when completing this process. If you have further questions please reach out to

How are students selected to participate in Heart Tutoring?

Teachers nominate students to participate in Heart Tutoring, and Heart staff members individually assess each nominated student to determine whether they would benefit from the program and to see which concepts they should focus on. All Heart students meet the following criteria:

  • First through fifth-grade student
  • 1-3 years behind grade level in math
  • Attend one of our partner schools


Volunteer Tutoring Times and Locations

Over 1,000 tutors are needed for the upcoming 2021-22 school year! We are hoping the majority of tutoring will take place in-person in Charlotte, North Carolina, but tutoring at select school sites will be fully virtual. You can indicate your preference in the sign-up form below.

Please sign up using the form below. You will be contacted this summer with information about getting started!

Map of Heart Schools

Click the pin on the map below to see school names and locations.

Barringer Academic Center

1546 Walton Road, Charlotte, NC 28208, United States

Tutoring Times:

Bruns Avenue Elementary

501 South Bruns Avenue, Charlotte, NC, USA

Tutoring Times: TBD

Billingsville Leadership Academy

124 Skyland Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States

Tutoring Times: TBD

Cotswold Elementary

300 Greenwich Road, Charlotte, NC 28211, USA

Tutoring Times: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM, 2:00-3:00PM

Number of Volunteers Needed: 2

Endhaven Elementary

6815 Endhaven Ln, Charlotte, NC 28277, USA

Tutoring Times: TBD

Hidden Valley Elementary

5100 Snow White Ln, Charlotte, NC 28213, USA

Tutoring Times: TBD

Highland Renaissance Academy

125 West Craighead Road, Charlotte, NC 28206, United States

Tutoring Times: TBD

Huntingtowne Farms

2520 Huntingtowne Farms Ln, Charlotte, NC 28210, USA

Tutoring Times: TBD

Joseph W. Grier Academy

8330 Grier Rd, Charlotte, NC 28215, USA

Tutoring Times: TBD

Lebanon Road Elementary

7300 Lebanon Rd, Mint Hill, NC 28227, USA

Tutoring Times: TBD

Montclaire Elementary

5801 Farmbrook Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210, United States

Tutoring Times: TBD

Myers Park Traditional

2132 Radcliffe Ave, Charlotte, NC 28207, USA

Tutoring Times: TBD

Pineville Elementary

204 Lowry Street, Pineville, NC, USA

Tutoring Times: TBD

Rama Road Elementary

1035 Rama Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211, USA

Tutoring Times: TBD

Shamrock Gardens Elementary

3301 Country Club Drive, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States

Tutoring Times: TBD

Statesville Road Elementary

5521 Milhaven Lane, Charlotte, NC 28269, USA

Tutoring Times: TBD

Sterling Elementary

9601 China Grove Church Road, Pineville, NC, United States

Tutoring Times: TBD

Westerly Hills Academy

4420 Denver Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28208, United States

Tutoring Times: TBD




Volunteer Sign Up Form (2021/22 School Year)

Volunteer tutors are needed in the 2021-22 school year! Please select your preferences below, and we will be in contact over the summer with more information about getting started. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of elementary students!

  • I have both device and internet access

Volunteer Recruitment

If you are interested in supporting our recruitment efforts, please check out our resources below and help us spread the word to your friends and family, place of work, faith group, or other organization!