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Theory of Change

Heart Math Tutoring (“HMT”) is the link between a huge, untapped pool of volunteers and the thousands of students who need one-on-one academic supports.



  • 51% of Charlotte fourth graders are not proficient in elementary math (2022 EOGs, CMS)
  • Many will fall further behind because of poor number sense
  • All can succeed with one-on-one, targeted instruction


  • Large, untapped pool of community members
  • Willing to help but need tools and support
  • Have limited time, and quality of past tutoring experiences may be varied

An urgent need….

Our community is missing out on significant potential when only 49% of Charlotte fourth graders are proficient in math (2019 NAEP). Without intervention, scores tend to decline between 4th and 8th grade, as course difficulty increases. This is often a sign that students relied too heavily on memorized math facts in early years rather than understanding how numbers work. Math proficiency is critical for academic confidence, high school graduation, and post secondary and career options. All students can learn to understand numbers with targeted, hands-on practice, but teachers have limited capacity to give students one-on-one attention and not all families can afford private tutoring.

…met with a powerful resource

Volunteer time is one of the only resources available to public schools that is not yet fully leveraged. HMT connects students with one-on-one, volunteer-delivered tutoring during the school day, free of charge to families. HMT’s activity-based, structured curriculum and on-site staff support enables volunteers to be effective with a commitment of one hour per week and minimizes day-to-day work for school staff.

Collectively, Heart Tutoring volunteers provide 50 hours per week, per school, of targeted, one-on-one instruction that would otherwise not be available.
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