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When students practice counting, they are keeping track of items, holding amounts in their heads, and...


More or Less

When students understand the language of more and less, they will be able to compare...


Combinations to 10

When we say “combination,” we mean any two number parts that make up a whole number. For example,...


Strategies to 20

Using ten as a reference point (or friendly number!) is a strong strategy when adding and subtracting...


Place Value

Many of us are familiar with something called the “standard algorithm,” or stacking numbers to find...


Multiplication & Division

There are so many ways to think creatively about multiplication and division! When you practice different...


Math Card Games

A deck of cards is all you need to practice a wide range of math skills by playing these fun games, including Heart student favorites like War for More or Less and Equation Concentration!

Math Perspectives: Developing Number Concept Activities

Take a break from screen time! Engage students in meaningful math learning experiences with hands-on activities that can easily be completed at home.

The Basics Mecklenberg

Becoming good at math begins long before a child enters school. Each one of us is born to be a “math person.” Check out The Basics from Smart Start of Mecklenberg County for ideas to explore math everyday!

YouCubed at Home

Prepare for some fun! Explore and learn math in creative ways, designed and adapted for at-home learning.

Math Chatter

Talking about math and asking questions about numbers in everyday situations is a great way to take learning further and make math relatable! Explore these ideas for math conversation starters and questions to ask your student at home, or check out these ways to build math into your family’s daily routine!

Dreme Institute Math Conversations

Build math into your everyday routines at home with these questions, activities, and ideas from the Dreme Institute at Stanford University.

Books About Math

Reader? Mathematician? How about both! Being a strong reader is an important part of math learning. Visit your local library and find exciting math books to read for your next story time!

At-Home Reading Tips

Check out these at-home reading tips from Heart Math Tutoring and Read Charlotte!

Math Chatter 2.0

Explore even more ideas for math conversation starters and questions to ask your student at home, or check out these ways to build math into your family’s daily routine!

Virtual Math Instruction

The Kentucky Center for Mathematics has compiled a wide range of resources for students to practice math virtually at home! Visit their site to check out newly added resources!

Bedtime Math App

One fun math problem per day! Just like a bedtime story, make math a natural part of your day. This program provides leveled problems based on your child’s age. You can access these problems through their website or by downloading one of their free apps!

Math Conversation

Math is everywhere! That’s great news for families because it means we can talk with our kids about math in fun, natural ways, especially during this time of at-home learning. Check out these resources for ways to build math into your everyday routine!