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Heart Math Tutoring (“Heart Tutoring”) gives young students successful experiences in math through one-on-one, volunteer-delivered tutoring during the school day. Teachers and school leaders recommend students for the program who are performing 2-3 years below their grade level in math and may not have access to resources for private tutoring. We assesses each student to determine his/her individual instructional needs. Volunteers provide lessons at each student’s level in 30-minute tutoring sessions twice per week using Heart Tutoring’s structured curriculum. In addition to providing academic support, tutors act as mentors, providing encouragement that can have a positive impact on students’ confidence and enthusiasm towards academics. In 2019/20, we served nearly 1,200 students across 23 school partners in Charlotte, NC.

The program is fully virtual for the first time in the 2020/21 school year, following two successful pilot programs in summer and fall 2020. We are on track to enroll around 600 students this year.

Volunteers are effective within a commitment of one hour per week because of Heart Tutoring’s curriculum and staff support.


  • CMS-approved, Common Core-based
  • Hands-on activities
  • Internally developed, specifically for use by volunteers
  • Targets foundational number sense skills needed for success in higher-level math
  • Aligned with pre/post assessments adapted with permission from Kathy Richardson’s Assessing Math Concepts. Pre-assessments identify conceptual gaps of each individual student. Post-assessments measure student growth.

Program Coordinator  – Heart Tutoring provides a dedicated staff member to each school where it operates.

  • Trains and coordinates volunteers
  • Communicates with school staff
  • Assesses and supports student progress throughout the year
  • Supervises tutoring sessions (virtual or in-person)

Heart Tutoring operates in partnership with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS).

Designed Collaboratively with CMS:

  • Heart Tutoring was formed in partnership with CMS, who helped identify initial curriculum and assessment resources and paired the program with high-need schools and great principal leaders.
  • CMS curriculum specialists continue to advise Heart Tutoring on curricular resources, student selection, and organizational growth.
  • We count on ideas from principals and school leaders for continuous program improvements, especially in the changing landscape and shift to virtual caused by COVID-19.

Deep presence in partner schools:

  • 50 students per school, grades 1 – 5
  • Quarterly reports updating teachers and families on student progress
  • Family education events prior to Winter Holiday Break and Summer Break
  • Resources provided to help families support student learning, including take-home kits, newsletters, and a resource bank
"My students LOVE their Heart tutors and are EXCITED to learn math because of the one on one time they receive! These volunteers ROCK! They're as invested in my kids as I am!" – Ms. Rowley, 3rd grade teacher at Highland Renaissance
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