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Dave Smith

Program Director - Charleston

Dave is a life-long educator, working in a variety of situations – as an outdoor educator in Cincinnati, Ohio; as an instructor and curriculum developer at a science museum in Augusta, Georgia; as an elementary classroom teacher in Augusta and in Charleston, South Carolina; and most recently as a founder and instructor with an educational non-profit that uses entrepreneurship to help teach math and science standards. He received his Master of Arts in Teaching from the College of Charleston in 2007. He has seen first-hand that all students are capable of learning when supported by the greater community.

Dave believes that all students are capable of learning regardless of their circumstances. He believes that interventions like Heart are a critical piece of the puzzle in schools that are already stretched thin with the academic demands of the regular curriculum. The greater community should have a vested interested in the education of our youth, as they are the community leaders, business owners, and parents of the future. Heart provides a great way for the community to get involved.

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