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2016 State of Our Schools

December 7, 2016

CMS Superintendent Ann Clark recognized Heart Math Tutoring’s work at the 2016 State of Our Schools address December 7th. The Superintendent cited the importance of community partners, Heart’s strong tutor base, and, most importantly, the impact on students. This was a very proud moment for all Heart supporters present and is certainly a highlight to wrapping up 2016.


We are so proud of Heart tutors, supporters, and partners for being recognized this morning by Superintendent Ann Clark at the 2016 State of Our Schools address.











state of our schools

86% of CMS Schools met or exceeded growth expectations in 2015/16, far outpacing many comparable districts and the state average. Great work CMS! #ItAllAddsUp












Students who were explicitly told “I’m giving you this feedback because I believe in you,” did better academically one year according to a study Keyon cited. #StateOfOurSchools #ItAllAddsUp


state of our schools

Principal of the Year Beth Thompson’s formula: “Community pours into the people in our schools so together we can pour into our students.” Thanks to the Heart community for pouring into our schools!


















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