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April – HEART Notables

April 10, 2014

Dear HEART Tutors,


There are only two more weeks of tutoring left; it has been a great year. Thank you for the encouragement and math skills you have provided and continue to provide to your students. Below are important notes on finishing up with your students.


(1) Logistics

• Spring Break is 4/14 – 4/18 – No school and no tutoring.

• Last Week of regular tutoring is 4/21 – 4/25.

• End of Year Parent/Student/Tutor Breakfast is May 2, 7:45AM – 8:30AM at Winterfield and May 16, 8:15AM – 9:00AM at Billingsville. Please come for this last session with your students where you will help recognize them for their participation and teach parents games they can play with their students at home to reinforce math skills over the summer.

• Notes to Students – Please write a note of farewell/encouragement to your students when you arrive for your last tutoring session (before picking up the students). HEART will print the photos we have taken and will have notecards available for your note. Remember, small, discreet gifts (books, pencils, notepads) are welcomed (though not required!), but do not bring candy, toys, and anything that could distract students or their classmates in class.


(2) Tutoring Tips

• Review older concepts. Students will be assessed on everything they’ve learned this year the week directly following tutoring (4/28 – 5/2). Here are tips:

o Use notes and tips on the March Check-In document, stored in your students’ folders.

o Use the new review game handouts, soon available at the school sites. Email your Program Coordinator if you would like a copy in advance.

• Continue the momentum on new concepts. If students can perform review tasks easily, continue pushing forward on the new content! Your students are making great progress.

• To avoid an abrupt ending, let students know there are only several weeks left and talk fondly about your time together and the progress you’ve seen them make. Math skills have undoubtedly gotten stronger, and the second best gift we can leave them with at this point is confidence in their own ability to keeping learning and growing.

• Keep having fun and getting to know your students better!


(3) More Resources

• Is your student struggling with one particular combination in the Combinations to 10 notebook? (e.g., 6 and 2 is 8.) Send your student to see Emily or Grey at the “Combination Hospital”! We have a worksheet to fill holes where a particular combination is giving students difficulty.


(4) Just for Fun

• Thanks to all who came out for the Volunteer Mixer on April 2nd! Stay tuned on Facebook for pictures…

• This Wednesday, April 9th is Winterfield’s Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, located in the school garden. Stop by between 8:00 – 9:30AM for some food and “thanks” from Winterfield staff.

• HEART volunteers are being recognized as part of Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS)April Volunteer Appreciation Month. Keep an eye out on CMS website and media for a story.

• You can still volunteer at Winterfield in May as an End of Grade (EOG) state test proctor. Proctors are needed at 8:00AM starting May 23rd .

• Donate gently used books to Owen Burkhard at who is collecting books for Witnerfield students’ summer reading.

• You can still volunteer at Billingsville in May as an End of Grade (EOG) state test proctor. Proctors are needed at 8:30AM on May 28th – May 30th and June 2nd – June 6th.


(5) Other HEART Info **new section!**

• Your work is getting noticed across the district; in addition to staff at Billingsville and Winterifeld, the Principals and Math Facilitators at Highland Renaissance Elementary and Montclaire Elementary want HEART at their schools next year!

o HEART needs to raise additional funding to be able to serve these new schools. If you have ideas of philanthropic funding sources or would like to discuss making a contribution, email Emily at

o Tell your friends about volunteering with HEART! Email names to Emily/Grey if you have friends to whom we should send information about volunteering next year.

• HEART was awarded a $20,000 grant from Wells Fargo Foundation in March! This is tremendous validation of your excellent work as tutors and the importance of your presence in our community’s schools. Thank you for everything you do to make this possible for Charlotte’s students.

• Don’t forget to Follow HEART on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter (@HEARTTutoring) and at !


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