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Hands-On Learning More Effective, Hands Down

March 11, 2015

A recent post on Parent Toolkit echoes HEART Tutoring’s curriculum that encourages students to learn through hands-on experience with the numbers rather than memorizing procedures or facts. HEART uses all seven tips that Parent Toolkit suggests.
Toy Race CarsOne of our favorites on the list:

“… Play math games and point out math relationships in real life. For instance, while your child is racing toy cars, you might show him that each car has 4 tires and ask how he could quickly figure out how many tires are on all 6 cars without counting each one. Then, ask him how he came to his solution and make math something that you talk about together every day.”

“Our Combinations to 10 and Multiplication Fluency units give students hands-on experience with parts of numbers, eventually leading them to know the basic facts within three seconds. This approach is more effective than forcing students to collect memorized, arbitrary knowledge that has no concrete meaning to them,” says Emily Elliott, HEART Tutoring’s Executive Director.

Interested in learning more about HEART and its Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools partners? Click here. And if you or your business or community organization would like to volunteer, click here.

Click here to read the full post on Parent Toolkit. The website, produced by NBC News’ Education Nation, is a great one to bookmark.

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