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Monthly Volunteer Notables – OCTOBER

December 15, 2014

Dear HEART Volunteers,

This is a monthly email in which we consolidate all important tips and announcements.  Please look closely!  Below you will find (1) Important Logistics, (2) Tutoring Tips, (3) More Resources (OPTIONAL), and (4) Just for Fun (OPTIONAL).

It has been a pleasure to see you meet your students and begin your work!  Thank you for what you are doing at the schools.

(1) Important Logistics

  • Friday Oct 31 – Teacher Work Day – No School, No Tutoring
  • Tuesday, Nov 11 – Veteran’s Day – No School, No Tutoring
  • Wednesday, Nov 26 to Friday, Nov 28 – Thanksgiving Break – No School, No Tutoring
  • You can download or view all CMS holidays and teacher workdays here.  If your tutoring time falls on a holiday, I can help you reschedule for a different day that week, if your schedule permits.   Thanks!

(2) Tutoring Tips

  • Student Progress Logs – Make it easy on your partner!  Make sure you are writing Notebook Name and Lesson number clearly.  If you stopped mid-lesson, please include the Activity, as well.  If you are working in Combinations to 10, ALWAYS include the student’s Focus Number.
  • Praise hard work over smartness.  Students can’t control how quickly they grasp a concept, but they can control their effort and focus.  Learning requires willingness to work hard, as concepts get difficult, so praise students when they persist in the face of a challenge!
    • “I am more convinced than ever that mindsets toward learning could matter more than anything else we teach.” – Salman Khan (from Khan Academy).  See his full article, “Why I Never Tell My Son He’s Smart,” here .
    • See more research here . “Students with a ‘growth mindset’ believe they can get smarter by putting in effort and using the right strategies.”
    • Keep having fun!  What is your student wearing for Halloween?  Find out!

(3) More Resources (OPTIONAL)

  • Why do Americans Stink at Math?Elizabeth Green, NY Times.  This is a very interesting article about various instructional trends and the implications on math skills (“numeracy”) in the U.S.
  • More information on growth mindset and malleable intelligence: Teaching students that their brain and intelligence can grow through practice and hard work has a positive impact, especially for students facing negative stereotypes and questioning their own capabilities.  A student-friendly article is here, and a research summary is here .
  • For those voting on November 4th, here is info from CMS regarding the sales tax referendum that will affect revenue to schools.

(4)  Just for Fun (OPTIONAL)

  • Check out pictures from the first weeks of tutoring on HEART Tutoring’s Facebook page!  You can also follow HEART on Instagram and twitter (@HEARTTutoring).
  • We are so fortunate to have tutors who have been with HEART since the earliest of days!  Thank you to these people for spending your time with HEART and for the many math lessons and high-fives you have given over the years.
    • Tutors in their 5th year with HEART: Andy Cooney, Martha Eubank, Reid Leggett, Minna Elliott, Margaret Marshall
    • Tutors in their 4th year with HEART: Jessie Jones, Jennifer Martin, Dorothy Smith, Catherine Fischer, Missy Miller, Daniel Tanaka, Lisa Warren, Sheila Wheeler
    • We are also very happy to welcome back 68 tutors from last year!
    • Lastly, here is a huge, warm welcome to 160 new tutors, volunteering with HEART for the first time this year!


We are so glad to have everyone on board and thankful for the attention, encouragement, and skills you are giving your students each week.  Please contact your Program Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

Many thanks,

The HEART Team

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