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Volunteer Spotlight – Mrs. Alothman, Winterfield parent and HEART volunteer

November 28, 2013

A mother of four, Mrs. Alothman has spent many hours working as a tutor at home. Now, with three of the four happily in school at Winterfield, Mrs. Alothman has time to help her children’s classmates on Monday afternoons through HEART Tutoring.

“This is my first tutoring experience with HEART, and I am very pleased to volunteer with them. I enjoy the curriculum; it’s not complicated! You don’t need any extra help to teach the lessons, and if you do, the coordinator is always there. She is awesome.”

Having recently seen her own children working hard to build their math skills, Mrs. Alothman appreciates the curriculum’s hands-on approach.

“The program helps students understand what is happening with the math and why you do it that way, instead of just following the memorized process. And it’s taught in a fun and easy way.”

It can be difficult to find an effective way to make a difference at your children’s school, but Mrs. Alothman likes how HEART is organized and helpful to the teachers.

“I only wish they had more volunteers to serve more students,” she says.

Vol Spotlight - Alothman


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