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Sherpa and Heart Tutoring Presentation

November 11, 2020

It was our pleasure to start the Sherpa Spotlight Series with a fun seasonal theme – “Tips and Tricks to Make Math Less Scary”! At Sherpa’s invitation, Heart Tutoring’s Executive Director Emily Gaffney reviewed the importance of early math skills and shared resources for easy ways parents can support young children in building an understanding of numbers. Gaffney shared, “When children become powerful with numbers, it impacts the rest of their lives – from developing important habits like perseverance, clear thinking, and problem-solving, to feeling successful in school, accessing exciting career fields, and understanding the world.” Melissa McGuire, Sherpa’s Managing Director, shared that the Sherpa Spotlight Series is an “initiative to introduce clients and friends to local organizations that are making a difference in our community…”. It was our pleasure to share more about Heart Tutoring with Sherpa’s clients and friends!

Watch the full presentation (~30 min) here: “Tips and Tricks to Make Math Less Scary”

Below are a few resources shared during the presentation:

  • Heart Families Page: A Heart page full of resources such as hands-on games that families can enjoy playing together to support their student’s learning while at home.
  • The Basic Mecklenburg The Basics Mecklenburg website: “The Basics Mecklenburg Campaign is inspired by the fact that 80% of brain growth happens in the first three years of life. During this period, skill gaps between socio-economic, racial, and ethnic groups become clearly apparent. This does not need to be! Everyday interactions between children, their parents, and other caregivers provide abundant opportunities to give children from every background a more equal start in life.”
  • Kentucky Institute of Mathematics: Kentucky Institute of Mathematics has created a site with several Jamboard resources and activities students can access from their personal devices.


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