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Virtual Tutoring Pilot Program

July 21, 2020

In response to COVID-19, Heart Tutoring is preparing for a virtual tutoring model for the 2020-21 school year. After a significant amount of time spent researching software programs for math and talking to school principals and other partners, we believe virtual tutoring will be an impactful way to support students in building confidence and strengthening their foundational math skills while still being able to use volunteers as tutors.

Heart staff members tested virtual tutoring with a Summer Pilot program! Thanks to gifts from Pamlico Capital and the COVID-19 Response Fund administered by Foundation For The Carolinas and United Way, we were thrilled to serve 75 students from 13 CMS elementary schools this summer!

As we prepare to serve ~1,000 student virtually this fall, Heart Tutoring is using the Summer Pilot to fine-tune our virtual tutoring process and ensure a high-quality experience for both students and tutors. The program was successful, with students staying engaged and grasping concepts throughout these virtual sessions. After 7 or 8 tutoring sessions, the majority of students demonstrated growth in at least one concept area, and 100% of families rated the experience as positive.

“Everything about this program is amazing. My daughter says math is her favorite subject now! Her confidence is so much better, and she LOVES her tutoring sessions with Daisha.”

– Parent of a Summer Pilot student

While we are still finalizing technology options for the fall, we conducted Summer Pilot tutoring sessions through a combination of Zoom and a digital shared whiteboard platform called Jamboard. Students are also provided with a physical kit of math manipulatives to be used during some activities.

“It has been a lot of fun getting to be a part of the virtual tutoring pilot program this summer! The kids I have gotten to tutor have all been so excited to work with us each week, and they are quick learners when it comes to our new technology. The Jamboards have made our tutoring sessions easy to navigate, and the fun designs and interactive activities keep the students excited and engaged. They are such a creative way to bring our hands-on activities and math games into the virtual sessions! I think our volunteers are really going to appreciate how the virtual program still allows us to have great connections with our students and incorporates the same types of games and activities as our in-person tutoring.”

– Daisha Delano, Heart Tutoring Program Coordinator

We realize virtual tutoring is likely a new experience for most of our volunteers and want to make sure everyone feels comfortable tutoring virtually. We have been collecting feedback from Heart staff members and volunteers throughout the summer and will be offering a variety of resources and a modified orientation to help volunteers familiarize themselves with the virtual tutoring platform. As always, a Program Coordinator will be available during every tutoring session to support our volunteers!

“While we all miss seeing our students and each other in person, it has been great to tutor online. The staff has morphed the curriculum which the kids adapt to very quickly. There’s an added benefit getting to see our students in their own home environment with cameo appearances by family members. A good time is had by all!”

– Lisa Phillips, Heart tutor

We loved being able to work with students this summer and cannot wait to share our modified program with you soon! Since students are logging on from home, they’re able to share their world with us in a way that wasn’t possible in the schools; students can easily introduce us to their parents and pets, and enjoy showing us their favorite books, toys, or even what they’re eating for breakfast! It has been wonderful to spend time with our students this summer, building relationships with them and continuing to work on math skills.

Keep scrolling to see some of the fun we are had in our virtual tutoring sessions! If you haven’t already, please sign up today to become a virtual tutor!
Check out highlights from our Summer Pilot!
Virtual tutoring allows us to customize our activities! Above, a student practices changing numbers by moving cookies onto a plate.
Students can now share their worlds with us in a way that wasn’t possible in schools. Above, a student introduces tutors to his toy dog!
Summer Pilot students were mailed a package of materials to be used during tutoring sessions. Here, a student counts cubes for her tutors.
A student practices changing numbers.
Each lesson includes ice breakers and “brain breaks” to help students and tutors get to know each other! Above, a student circles emojis that match her mood.
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