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Congratulations, Heart Students and Tutors! 98% Meet Growth Goals

June 14, 2017

As summer begins, we celebrate what was accomplished in the 2016/17 school year by hundreds of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) students who were part of Heart Math Tutoring, supported by their tutors and schools. The following are some highlights:

·         98% of 642 Heart Tutoring students met program growth goals in math, growing in two or more building block concept areas.

·         On average, students doubled the goal – growing in 4.9 concept areas. The goals were set with guidance from math specialists at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and UNC Charlotte.

·         Students grew from mastering 26% to 59% of the skills needed, based on grade-level standards; cutting the skills gap in half.

·         94% of surveyed teachers observed conceptual growth in math, and 85% believe Heart Tutoring had an impact on class work and tests.

·         94% of surveyed teachers believe students showed increased confidence/enthusiasm in math as a result of Heart Tutoring.

·         64% of surveyed teachers said students became more confident and enthusiastic in subjects other than math as a result of the program.

·         100% of over 500 surveyed Heart volunteers rated their experience as positive and 99% would recommend the program to a friend or colleague.

“We are extremely happy for our students and thankful for Heart Math Tutoring volunteers, knowing that students are in a better place now than when they began at the start of the school year,” says Emily Elliott, executive director of Heart Tutoring. “These results are a testament to all the hard work and efforts of our volunteers, students, school partners, staff and supporters. The skills that students gain through our Heart program are proven to be critical building blocks for success in math, other subjects and for the future of these children.”

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