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Heart Tutoring Volunteer Partner – Vanguard

April 1, 2019

Passion from the Vanguard Crew



DaJuan Lucas serves as the Relationship Manager for Vanguard’s Skill-based Volunteering team where he cultivates relationships with great agencies such as Heart Math Tutoring to build skills-based volunteerism and board opportunities and matches his crew talent with the need. He let us in on his crew’s passion for the program!

A Vanguard tutor with a 1st grade Heart Tutoring student at Westerly Hills Academy.

What does your crew love about tutoring? 

“Our crew loves tutoring through Heart Tutoring! They love that they are making a significant impact in an area of major need for students. Our volunteers appreciate how they are able to mentor students and build a deep relationship with them through the process as they are paired with the same student all year.”

I don’t do math… can I tutor?

If one of DaJuan’s crew is nervous about tutoring, he first acknowledges their apprehension and describes to them how they are there to help improve their student’s math competence and overall confidence. He assures them that Heart Tutoring has a robust curriculum that makes teaching math easier, even for those far removed from it. The curriculum incorporates games, which makes the learning enjoyable even for tutors and allows them to supplement the learning with a deeper sense of mentorship. Learn more about the curriculum here

What have you learned about your community by volunteering? 

“By volunteering your time in your community, you become socially aware of the issues and opportunities impacting the place from which you reside. Through volunteerism, you can take an active part in improving the community,” says DaJuan.

He also begins to formulate new innovative ways through volunteerism that work toward improving the world around him and identify causes that he would like to improve or advance.

Thank you, Vanguard, for your commitment to making a difference in the lives of students!

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