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Pi Day Recipes


In honor of Pi Day, Heart staff members are sharing their favorite pie recipes! Alexandra Blackwood Alexandra is the Program Coordinator at Myers Park Traditional School and Westerly Hills Academy. ...

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Hear from Heart Tutors


Heart Math Tutoring is now supporting ~500 students who receive math tutoring twice per week by ~1,000 volunteers! We are grateful for all of our volunteers; whether you have been tutoring for months,...

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Heart Math Tutoring receives year-end funding from Faison and Global Endowment Management Foundation


We are excited to announce recent grant awards from dedicated funding partners Faison and Global Endowment Management (“GEM”) Foundation. Combined, these significant grants will cover the cost of ...

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21-Day Racial Equity Challenge with United Way of the Central Carolinas


Join Heart Tutoring and thousands of people across the Charlotte region in the 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge with The United Way of Central Carolinas! This is a powerful opportunity for shared l...

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Tutor Testimonials and Call for Volunteers


Students are waiting! Spread the word: 250 more virtual tutors are needed. With virtual tutoring, it’s never been easier to make a difference for our community’s students who need practice with ...

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