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Importance of Passing Algebra


Research shows the importance of passing Algebra on the first take: Students failing algebra rarely recover. Fortunately, there are ways to begin preparing students to think algebraically in elementar...

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Logistics Holiday Take-Home Games: Your students will be receiving a Deck of Cards and some other treats from HEART during the week preceding Winter Break. Please spend 10 minutes practicing the att...

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HEART Holiday Breakfast for Parents


HEART Holiday Breakfast for Parents – HEART volunteers and students enjoyed showing a room full of parents the take-home math games students will practice over the holiday break to reinforce their m...

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Volunteer Spotlight – Mrs. Alothman, Winterfield parent and HEART volunteer


A mother of four, Mrs. Alothman has spent many hours working as a tutor at home. Now, with three of the four happily in school at Winterfield, Mrs. Alothman has time to help her children’s classmate...

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Volunteer Spotlight – CJ Langley, HEART volunteer at Billingsville

Several months into his new role on EnPro Industries’ accounting team, an invitation from a colleague caught C. J.’s attention. “We'll create teams to cover a weekly tutoring commitment in suppo...

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