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HEART is featured in SouthPark Magazine


HEART is featured in SouthPark Magazine – article highlights the work of SouthPark / Foxcroft neighbors in identifying the need for and founding the program. Read full article here....

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Loving Dad Has Heartwarming Hysterics Over Son’s Report Card


Enjoy this YouTube of a dad when he sees his son’s good report card (watch here from 0:30 to 1:15)...

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UC researchers find link between freshman algebra, murder rate

This article claims a link between Algebra I scores and Chicago’s murder rate, and it cites a tutoring program that dramatically changes the odds....

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Malleable intelligence

Malleable intelligence – Teaching students that their brain and intelligence can grow through practice and hard work has a positive impact, especially for students facing negative stereotypes and qu...

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HEART Tutoring Program Hires First Executive Director


HEART (Helping Ensure Academic Results through Tutoring), a program developed by the non-profit Social Venture Partners (SVP), is proud to announce that following a national search, Emily Elliott has ...

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