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Chicago Math Tutoring Program Delivers Big Changes


[caption id="attachment_2197" align="alignright" width="300"] At Edwin G. Foreman High School in Chicago earlier this year, Avery Huberts watched as Christophir Rangel and Iann Trigveros worked on a m...

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Must-See Video Shows Power Of Feedback, Expectations


Educators, tutors and parents: This precious six-minute video from the Center For Student Work is a must-see! “Austin’s Butterfly” demonstrates how our specific feedback and high expectations ca...

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HEART is on the move, needs furniture


HEART is moving its offices and is on the hunt for furniture! If you have any extra office furniture you would like to donate or know of good places to look, email Executive Director Emily Elliott at...

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Happy Pi Day! 3 Ways To Find π


For years, math fans around the world have celebrated Pi Day on March 14. You can find videos, songs and T-shirts to mark the occasion. Many also count it as a day to eat lots of pie. Why is the nu...

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Hands-On Learning More Effective, Hands Down


A recent post on Parent Toolkit echoes HEART Tutoring's curriculum that encourages students to learn through hands-on experience with the numbers rather than memorizing procedures or facts. HEART uses...

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